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We work with the relevance of human values for the healthy organisation

Based on personal experience, we rely on people's natural need to work responsibly if their work makes sense to them.

Values in the motivation of individuals and teams

The full potential of the team opens only if each individual finds their optimal use and a place where they are respected. We work with an integral view of the individual's position in the group and pay special attention to the role of the individual and group value systems within the change process.

Effective interpersonal dealings in the organisation

Unresolved conflicts burden working relationships and become a risk factor for the entire organisation. We focus on transforming the emotional energy hidden in conflicts into motivation to solve a common cause. We build on the importance of consistent factual communication and comprehension among managers and team members.

Information appraisal and personal reflection

When dealing with critical situations, we support consistent work with information, understanding of the context, self-reflection and the use of complex evaluation criteria in decision-making processes. We focus on capturing the perspectives of all involved and support their active involvement in the search for solutions.

Intention and long-term goals of the organization

Transparency and comprehensibility of the company's strategy are a condition for the active participation of people in its implementation. Through interactive work with teams, we help increase awareness of the content and importance of the company's strategy and ensure its reflection in routine operational practice.

We implement compact programs in the sectors:


  • Values, relationships and motivation in work teams
  • Organisation and standards of health professionals' teamwork
  • Interactions between healthcare professionals, patients and their families
  • Psychosocial and emotional aspects of treatment
  • Integration of volunteer and other psychosocial support programs in the system of care
  • Patient satisfaction surveys


  • B2B market surveys and customer needs mapping
  • Digital transformation in business, product and operational strategies
  • Addressing conflicting relationships in the workplace, mitigating risks of staff overload and demotivation
  • Preserving productivity of experienced employees and stabilisation of multigenerational teams
  • Concord of corporate values, culture and motivation systems


  • Teamwork in strategic planning of organisational development
  • Aligning the organisation's mission with the demand for services and limits of the funding systems
  • Redefining the added value of the organisation
  • Mapping of reserves in collaboration among core employees, external collaborators and volunteers
  • Optimisation of the management system of a non-profit organisation


MUDr. Ivana Štverka Kořínková

Ivana draws on her experience as a medical doctor and on the design and implementation of psychosocial support and motivational programs at the University Hospital in Motol, Prague.

Since 1999, she has participated in the creation and implementation of volunteer programs in health care facilities in the Czech Republic. She collaborated on the implementation of the WHO / Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services program in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to many years of experience with methodological support, education and supervision in volunteer programs, she has experience in how to work effectively with intangible motivation.

She is currently working with groups of medical staff and employees in other fields.

Ing. Igor Štverka MBA

Igor builds on his professional background in cybernetics and experience with application of a wide range of information technologies.

He has participated in projects in a number of industries, including manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, banking, healthcare, public administration, and the non-profit sector.

By working in international IT corporations as well as medium and small private companies, he gained experience in how a real corporate culture influences interpersonal communication, the way and quality of work, personnel stability and the long-term result of the company.

At present, he focuses primarily on opportunities and risks related to the digital transformation of working life.

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